Monday, July 23, 2007

Buy a SUV – Reduce Gas Expenditures?

Two weeks ago, I got rid of my compact, 4 cylinder vehicle for a SUV. With my small car, I got excellent gas mileage. Although I worried about skyrocketing gas prices and devised strategies to reduce costs, I never really worried about where I drove.

Unfortunately, small car was not large enough for our needs and I needed an SUV. For the most part, my decision came down to: Was a small, 4 cyl SUV large enough for my needs? After considering the options, I went with the Toyota Highlander. While it doesn’t get great mileage, it is not a Explorer class gas guzzler.

One upside of the choice, I am more sensitive to unnecessary mileage. If I go out, I make sure I get more then one thing done each time. Hopefully, I can maintain the behavioral changes to keep gas use to a minimum.

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