Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Expensive Safety Item Proves its Worth

Last week, I was forced to pay big bucks to have a tree removed before it fell on my house. They did a great job and I feel it will save me in the long run. They cut the tree up into sections; however, I have to split it or pay someone to do it.

One of the ways I am saving money on my house is doing much of the landscaping by myself. Home Depot will rent a log splitter for $120. I decided to spend $50 on an ax, wedge, and sledgehammer. In addition to saving money, I figured splitting the wood is good exercise. The first time I tried it, I realized two things:
1. It was going to be a lot more work then I estimated - Oh Well
2. Swinging an ax is dangerous. l probably needed to invest in some good workboots for this and other projects.

Difficult to fit, I invested in some good, RedWing, workboots that fit great. In addition, they come with a protective to cap.

What happened, I had the ax fall off the log and hit my foot. Although it missed the protective cap, the leather protected my foot from any injury. The new boots have an ugly gash, but it will remind me of what could have happened.

Bottom Line: Work every penny.

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