Sunday, October 28, 2007

Going to the Movies – EXPENSIVE

To be honest, I love going to the movies. Unfortunately, the cost of movie has gotten totally out of hand. For my fiancé and I to attend a first run movie:
1. $18 for tickets
2. $14 for drinks and popcorn
3. $20-50 for dinner before or after the movie

At $30-80 per movie, “movie night’ is not a casual expenditure anymore. While discount tickets and matinees can save some money, “movie night” must be thought of as an “event.”

For all but a few special movies, my bride and I do “movie night” at our house.
1. Cable - I love some of the original programming on Shotime and HBO. Since I subscribe for the original programming, the movies are essentially free.
2. On Demand - for $5.99, Comcast offers HD movies on PPV.

Alternative I don’t use: Many of my friends use Netflix (or the similar product from Blockbuster) to save money. While I have tried both products and they work as advertised, I don’t like having to “pre-plan” my movie watching habits. If you like planning ahead, they are great services.

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