Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Hillary's 401k Idiocy

After 8 years of running "against Bush" the Democrats are finally running for office. As a result, we are finding out what kind of ideas they really have.

Hillary's Idea - "Give" everyone $1,000 for their 401k. Why is this idiotic?
1. It is based upon the idea - somebody else will pay for it. Of course, we all know everyone always pays. Under this plan, the government will take $1,200 in taxes, waste $200 on pork projects, and give you $1,000. Of course, you should be greatful to "them" for giving it to you.

2. If $1,000 is a good idea, $1,500 is a better idea. Why not give us $10,000?

Bottom line: Beware of politicians who want to give you money. Every dime they give you came from money they take from you.

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