Friday, November 23, 2007

Variable Annities - Minimize Taxes the Dumb Way

If you want to minimize the taxes on your investments, minimize your investment returns with bad decisions.

If you want to minimize taxes the dumb way, I recommend the following:
1. Maximize Commissions
2. Maximize Management Fees in Mediocre Funds
3. Maximize Insurance Premiums
4. Maximize Transaction Complexity

Basically, you should invest all you money in Variable Annuities with all the Riders possible. By doing so, you can defer taxes on investment income. All you have to do is pay a huge commission, pay high management fees for sub-accounts, and pay high insurance premiums for the “coverage.” To execute the variable annuity strategy, you will get to sign a contract so complex it takes teams of actuaries years to design and lawyers months to draft.

Let’s put it this way, if VA’s are a good idea, why do you have to pay a surrender charge to get out of the deal?

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