Sunday, December 23, 2007

Lawsuit Abuse

Today, I found the following note in the New York Post. In one story, we can see why liability insurance costs so much. We can see why pools no longer have diving boards or slides. Even if the school wins the lawsuit, they will be out thousands of dollars in legal bills. With the NYC Diocese closing schools to meet budget, I expect they will close down the program within 2 years after their liability insurer has to raise premiums.

Ain't America Great.

BTW – Many HS football players are 5'8" and 160lbs. One year, Odessa Permian played for the Texas 5-A championship with a line that averaged something like 175.



December 23, 2007 -- The Brooklyn parents of a student player injured in a varsity football game are suing his former high school and coach for putting the second-stringer on kickoff duty against much larger opponents.

William and Elizabeth Garry's lawsuit, filed Dec. 14 in Brooklyn Supreme Court, claims that Bishop Ford High School, its athletic administrator and its football coach negligently placed their son, William Garry Jr., in harm's way.

Garry Jr., now 20, was so seriously injured in the 2004 Catholic A League title game that he has since had four knee surgeries.

"He was not a starter," said Garry Sr., himself a lawyer. "They placed him in the front line of the receiving team. He got hit by a really big kid. He should not have been put in that position. He's 5-foot-7 and 160 pounds."

And the school showed no sympathy, said his mom.

"There wasn't a phone call, there wasn't a flower from anyone," she said. "Nobody loved football more than my son. I just think there should have been some concern on their part."

Garry Sr. said the family has spent more than $11,000 on his son's medical bills.

School officials did not return calls for comment.


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