Saturday, February 2, 2008

Valentine's Day - Money Savings Tip

Being frugal isn't just about not spending money. It is about getting the most value from the money you do spend. For example, going out for dinner on Valentine's Day is a poor use of money.
1. Restaurants rush to turnover seatings. Basically, they rush you in/out as fast as possible.
2. They may have a special V-Day menu where they tell you what your are going to have. At most, you get the fish or beef option.

My fiance and I avoid the problem by always celebrating V-Day on the Saturday following the actual holiday.
1. We can get a reservation at any restaurant in town.
2. We can select anything we want from the menu.
3. We are never forced into an overpriced, fixed price menu.
4. When we have kids, it will be easier to get a babysitter.

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