Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Boston Globe – Horrible Customer Service

A few weeks ago, we received a letter from the Boston Globe indicating the paper was now available for home delivery in our area. With weekend only delivery available at good price, we called the subscription office and signed up.

Three weeks later, we have received exactly ZERO papers. We have, however, been hit with two charges against our credit card. When I called to complain last week after the first charge hit our credit card, the customer service rep promised us home delivery was available and promised to refund our account. She even promised to call the delivery department to find out what went wrong.

Of course, this weekend came and went with no paper and another charge against our credit card. Because their customer service department is closed on weekends, I was forced to send an e-mail about our problems. To date, they have not responded with an e-mail or with a phone call.

And newspaper management wonders why traditional newspapers are losing money.

  1. When a customer enquires about service promised, but not delivered, the custom (unless you work for the cable company) is to respond.
  2. It is not customary to bill someone every week for their newspaper. Most companies have figured out how to do monthly/quarterly/bi-annual billing to reduce costs to the company and hassles for the customer.

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