Thursday, March 27, 2008

CIGNA Health Insurance – So Far So Good

Often (for good reason) health insurers are the focus of criticisms from policyholders. As I work my way through paying for my medical procedure, I certainly expect problems with things like what is covered, co-insurance, deductible, and in/out of network providers.

Having returned from the hospital, I called CIGNA to find out what is necessary to file a claim under my HSA-style health plan and to find out my deductible/co-insurance performance.

Having dealt with the hassle of dealing with a knee surgery, I was expecting the worst. Nevertheless, I have to give the CIGNA CSR a thumbs up. When I explained what happened, she verified the surgeon and the hospital were "in network." With respect to other professional services, she warned me that they might charge me the "out of network" deductible for the anesthesiologist; however, she said I should appeal the charge. Under the circumstances, they usually waive the "out of network" charge since I was at an "in network" hospital.

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