Sunday, March 30, 2008

Thanks Calphalon and Bed Bath Beyond

The other day, I found my bride cooking eggs in a pan instead of the nice, Calphalon griddle we have. When I asked why, she said the eggs run to the sides. It turns out it was bowed up in the middle.

After checking out Calphalon's website, I called the warranty line to find out what to do as I no longer had the receipt. After my experience with Citibank, I was pleasantly surprised to get quickly connected to a pleasant CSR. During our conversation, he quickly determined it was probably a warranty related issue and asked me to mail it back to them. When I said it didn't make since to spend $10 to pack and ship a $27 item, he offered to pay for postage. Nevertheless, I asked if I could take it back to the retailer, Bed Bath Beyond, instead. Although he couldn't speak for them, he said BBB had great return policies and would probably take care of me.

To make a long story short, BBB took care of me, no questions asked. Makes us glad we are registering with them for most of our wedding gifts.

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