Sunday, April 13, 2008

My Identity Stolen!

While checking with American Express about another matter, the representative mentioned there were two accounts using my SSN open with different names. Needless to say, it was disturbing. A few days earlier, HR informed some of us that a laptop with our personal data had gone missing. PANIC!!!

My Strategy:

  1. My company is offering credit repair through Kroll Associates. They are now working with Amex to investigate the incident.
  2. Although probably overkill, I purchased a year of credit monitoring for Equifax. Probably overkill, however, I want to be sure of where I stand.


Based upon my review of my credit reports, things are not out of control; however, I will be vigilant until I am sure.

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Lazy Man and Money said...

Don't forget that you can freeze your credit report for a small fee. I would talk with the professionals your company hired to see if you should do this.

It could be the best $30-35 you have ever spent (possibly better than the year of Equifax monitoring)... Read more about it here