Sunday, May 25, 2008

Comcast – Opaque Pricing Stinks

After reviewing our TV watching habits, we realized we don't really watch Shotime (unless Dexter is on) and decided to drop it. When I called to cancelled, the imbecile who answered the phone initiated a conversation that went something like this:

Comcast: You have the preferred Digital Plan with Shotime. Did you want to cancel the other channels as well?

Me: What are the other channels?

Comcast: Some of the one's over 100?

Me: Could you be more specific?

Comcast: Not really.

Me: Look, I just want to get rid of Shotime and save a few bucks?

Comcast: OK. I will cancel Shotime and the preferred plan.

Me: Did I stutter? I said cancel Shotime.

Comcast: OK. I will cancel Shotime only.

$5 says he F's up the order.

Bottom line: All I want are all the HD channels, ESPN, the Golf Channel, vs, and Spike. Every year, my cable bill goes up as I get "more channels" I don't want or need. If this continues, I am going to drop it completely and go with DirectTV.

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