Sunday, June 8, 2008

Trade for new Gas Grill!!

When I bought my home, it came with a ginormous Viking grill complete with marble countertops. At 8 feet long, it takes two people to take the cover off it. Furthermore, it was not in poor shape and needed a significant amount of work to bring it back to "like new" status. Because of the problems, I have used it exactly TWO times in almost three years.

Today, I made a trade with a neighbor who happens to be a handyman. He is going to buy us a new Weber gas grill and I am going to give him the old grill. Furthermore, he is going to use a Bobcat he rented to clear some brush from the back of my property.

Everybody wins. With a large family and plans to entertain, it fits his lifestyle. For us, grilling is normally a 2 person (at most 4 person) experience. Instead of a full blown outdoor kitchen we never used (and actually hated), we will have a something that fits our needs. In the summer, we can leave it on the deck and enjoy it often and easily. In the winter, it is small enough to clean off quickly and clear any snow around it.

I cannot wait to fire it up next week.

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