Friday, August 22, 2008

Thanks Marriott – Not!!

If the bride/groom reserved a block of 10 rooms for the weekend, would you give them a decent room? At our local Marriott, they had other plans.

Because most of my family was from out of state, I decided it would be nice if everyone stayed at the same hotel and took a block of ten rooms. In addition, my bride and I reserved a room for the night of the rehearsal dinner and our wedding night. What did we get?

  1. The first room offered was next to the ice machine (aka the nuclear power plant).
  2. When I complained, they gave us another room. Unfortunately, I didn't inspect it carefully. We checked out of the room at 5am due to the horrible smell of mildew. Thanks Marriott!!!

During the rest of the honeymoon, we stayed in an airport Sheraton (using Starpoints) and a Hyatt (honeymoon). Both of them provided clean, quite rooms and great service. Next time we travel, we will remember.

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