Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday Purchases Report

Getting up early, the wife and I went out on a quest to spend our way into a economic recovery for the US. Starting at 6am at Target #1, we ended up going (in order) to Best Buy, Target #2 (to return a GPS), Home Depot, Staples, WalMart, BJ's, Michael's #1, Michaels#2, and BJ's.

Ultimately, we ended up purchasing three GPS units (returning two), two Blu-Ray DVD players, and a Christmas tree.

The GPS unit was the primary reason for a odyssey of shopping. For months, we have been planning to buy one as a gift to my mother in law.

The Blu-Ray was a splurge as we picked up a $300 unit on sale for $199. It will be our Christmas gift to ourselves.

Finally, the Christmas tree was at a great price and should last us for years.

What I saw: Flat screens were selling fast, Home Depot was empty, WalMart and Target were crowded and people were buying.

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