Friday, November 21, 2008

Injured at Work – Workers Comp

A few years ago, I had the misfortune of blowing out my knee. As an insurance professional, I expected to be treated like I treat my customers. What actually happened?

1. The claim representative lied to me about what I was required to do. In particular, she stated I was not entitled to a copy of my recorded interview and that I was required to sign an "unlimited" medical release.

2. Later, I discovered she lied in her claim log.

3. Ultimately, they denied my claim. They claimed a knee injury in my 30's was related to a knee injury when I was ten years old. The fact I played years of football and lettered in wrestling were not relevant to them. The fact I missed a total of THREE days work because of a major knee surgery was not relevant.

4. All I wanted was to have my medical bills paid. Had they paid them, I would have never gotten attorney and would not have pursued ALL my legal remedies.

Luckily, most claims professionals are not idiots and/or liars. Thanks to my attorney, I got was I deserved.

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louise said...

I unfortunately have to deal with insurers and workers comp a lot. I hate to say it but the majority I have dealt with have lied outright, given me verbal approvals to do work and then refused to pay, and caused untold psychological damage to vulnerable/ suicidal clients. There are a couple that are great to work with and they do a fair job, but they are certainly in the minority in australia.