Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Valentines Day – Best Tip Ever

NEVER EVER GO OUT ON VALENTINE'S DAY. A few years ago, a friend explained why he and his wife agreed to celebrate Valentines Day on the Saturday following. It was such a good idea, I adopted it for myself.

Why going out on V-Day is a nightmare?

  1. If you have kids, getting a sitter is a nightmare and/or expensive;
  2. It often falls in the middle of the week. You have to rush to dinner from work. Not exactly a recipe for romance.
  3. Even if you get reservations, you are often forced into a rushed experience with a fixed price menu. Basically, they tell you what you are going to have after the jack up the prices.

If you wait until Saturday? All these problems go away. Whatever your budget, you will get more bang for your bucks.

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