Sunday, March 22, 2009

Made $57/month from Amex

Our Amex Blue Cash Card anniversary date was last week. We will be getting $688 for the year which works out to a fantastic $57 in found money per month.

We charge everything to this card that we can including:

  1. USAA charges the card for our auto insurance bill;
  2. Comcast, ATT, and Verizon charge the car for our phone, cell, and cable bills;
  3. Our heating oil contract hits the card for payment (this saves us $0.10 per gallon on oil.);
  4. Gas and groceries (after we hit the $6,500 for bonus interest payments)


  1. Citi Driver's Edge: During the $6,500 initial period, we charge gas and groceries to a driver's edge card for a 3% rebate. In addition, we charge all auto related expenses. We received approximately $200 in rebates in the past month.
  2. Discover Card: We got 0% for 12months and managed to make something like $50 in cash back for charges related to our wedding and honeymoon.

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