Monday, March 23, 2009

Sallie Mae – Watch Them Like a Hawk

A few days ago, Frugal Zeitgeist had an interesting post titled "Vigilance Pays Off." Her post and the follow ups are outstanding.

Like her, I am diligent about tracking expenses and bills. Thanks to Quicken's automatic download feature, it is fairly easy. Nevertheless, certain bills require manual monitoring.

In particular, the idiocy that is Sallie Mae demands special attention. Last week, we received a past due notice complete with interest and late charges. Of course, the notice was wrong. After 20 minutes on hold and 20 minutes with their moronic customer service representative, they determined they "accidently" misapplied our last payment.

Do I think they will get it right in the future? No. In every instance, they seem to get it wrong.

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