Sunday, May 31, 2009

Goodbye Comcrap – Hello U-Verse

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of 5 hours with the U-Verse guy in my home. For reasons that baffle me (probably related to the age of my home), they could not get the service to work in my office. Otherwise, things are generally working fine.


  1. The package I got has way to many channels. After I get through the summer, I'll cut down the number of stations.
  2. I get significantly more HD channels with U-Verse. Since I rarely watch regular D anymore, it is nice.
  3. Comcast has better "on demand" options.

Customer Service: For reasons they were unable to explain, I cannot get one of the stations I was promised. (Apparently, they are doing an "upgrade" and I should have it back in a few weeks.) Without prompting by me, they gave me a $5 account credit to compensate me for the inconvenience. At Comcrap, they would probably have charged me $5 for taking my call.

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