Sunday, June 7, 2009

Obama is Czar Crazy!!!

The other day, Obama named someone as the "Compensation Czar."

First, the idea that the government would have a "Czar" with the authority to control wages paid by private employers is deeply troubling.

Second, I wondered exactly how many Czar's Obama had appointed. It seems like he has one for any problem. Using the magic of Google, discovered a Reuters story indicating he has TWENTY Czars.

Facts about the Czars:

  1. They are not elected;
  2. Unlike cabinet officials, they are not subject to congressional approval; and
  3. They have a lot of power.

Although Dubya had his issues as president, he never tried to take control of so much of our country. Had he tried, the press would have gone apoplectic. In Obama's case, near silence from the press (and the left).

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