Thursday, July 16, 2009

Comcast – Continues to Screw Up

After thinking I had worked things out with Comcast, I found a bill in my mail today from a company often called the Worst Company in America. After waiting on hold to speak to the CSR in their billing department, I received an honest comment: "I have no idea what is happening on your bill." Of course, that is the reason I wrote a letter to the CEO and my state attorney general's office two months ago.

Basically, Comcast's strategy seems to be. If we bill them, they will pay. If they challenge a charge, we will keep our internal billing records incomplete and incoherent so they will give up and send us the money. As I sit right now, I am holding for a "supervisor" in hopes he/she will fix the problem. Would anyone like to take odds on them getting it correct?

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