Saturday, August 29, 2009

Treat your Coworkers Well

Because of layoffs in our industry, some former coworkers at my former employer are looking for jobs. Two of them ended up looking at positions at my company.

  1. Bob: A few years ago, I worked with Bob. Although we will never become "best friends," Bob was competent and professional. Furthermore, he was friendly and did things to make my job easier to accomplish.
  2. Paul: Although I did not work much with Paul, I understood him to be competent in his job. Unfortunately, Paul was a "player" who only did things that helped him. When I needed him to do something that would help me do my job, he refused to help me out.

When Bob contacted me about job openings at my company, I quickly and happily reached out to my contacts in an attempt to help him out. I found an open position that he may be qualified for. For what it is worth, I gave him a great recommendation. Hopefully, the people who make the hiring decisions like him.

About a month ago, I noticed my boss interviewing a guy in a conference room. During the interview, my boss realized Paul must have worked with another coworker and me. When both of us gave him negative recommendations (for similar reasons), Paul did not get hired. Neither of us wanted him working on our team.

Bottom Line: When times are bad, you need to have the support of as many former coworkers when you are looking for a job.


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