Saturday, October 17, 2009

My Corny Dog Fetish

Having lived in the Dallas area until I was in my early 30's, I had a fantastic annual ritual. Every Fall, I would attend the State Fair of Texas and eat my "Annual Corny Dog." Hand dipped at the Fletcher's stand, they are meat perfection on a stick. Because of the obvious health issues, I limited myself to just one. I miss my Corny Dog greatly and it makes me homesick.

New England's "Big E" Corn Dogs are not hand dipped and served fresh. They might as well be frozen corn dogs fresh from the microwave. Not the same thin.

Watching the Texas-OU Game today, my wife has been amazed at my focus on my beloved State Fair Corny Dog. During an aerial shot of the entire stadium, I felt the need to inform her (she has never been to a State Fair of Texas – so sad) that the Corny Dog stand is just on the other side of the pressbox.

I am a sick man, but she married me anyway. While I enjoy living in New England (except when it snows), I really miss living in Texas.

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