Wednesday, January 13, 2010

2009 Cash Back Results = $2372

If you are not careful with credit cards, it is very easy to get into trouble. Nevertheless, using credit cards to properly can save money. Looking at our results for 2009, our family collected the following cash rebates in 2009.

  1. Citi Driver's Edge =     $561
  2. GM Card =    1,011
  3. Amex Blue =    450
  4. Fidelity Amex =    350

Total:    $ 2,372

It should be noted that the GM Card earnings were earned a few years ago. So that we did not lose the points, we had to keep the card open. It is now closed.

Currently, we use the Amex Blue for gas and groceries. For everything else, we use the Fidelity Amex if the merchant accepts American Express. For merchants that do not accept Amex, we use the Citi Driver's Edge.


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