Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sirius/XM Radio – Worst Company in America

In July, one of our accounts is going to expire and we have chosen to non-renew it. Much to my surprise (and Ire), the sent me a notice that the account was going to "auto-renew" in July and that they were going to hit our credit card with an annual charge. In addition to raising prices on the subscription, they now charge a "music royalty fee" and have commercials on music stations. Why should I pay a royalty fee to hear commercials and music stations?

With a baby on the way, we are looking to cut expenses and this is a no-brainer. Nevertheless, I decided to keep the subscription until they expired. Of course, the idiot CSR claimed they had to cancel the service immediately. Thankfully, a supervisor fixed the problem, but I am tired of dealing with them and their idiocy.

Former Sirius Customer


Anonymous said...

your a idiot and this article is retarded... short seller

Finance Guy said...

1. I don't own Sirius XM Stock.
2. I don't short stock for any stock, much less Sirius XM.
3. Get a clue.