Sunday, July 15, 2007

ETF's and the IRA

My old employer offered Mutual Funds for sale to the general public. As one would expect, their “house” funds were the only option in our 401k. Although they had high expense ratios, they waived the load and the funds did perform quite well. Nevertheless, I felt I could do better on my own.

Broker: Fidelity – because they held my old 401k, the rollover was easy. With zero commissions available, I went with an ETF centered portfolio allocated as follows:
Vanguard Total Market ETF 60 % .07 % Expense Ratio
Fidelity Spartan International Index 25 % .10 % Expense Ratio
Vanguard REIT ETF 5 % .12 % Expense Ratio
Vanguard Energy EFT 10 % .25 % Expense Ratio

The Weighted Average of the Expense Ratio is .10 %

In two and a half months, the account is up 3.34% just like the market.

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