Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Do you need a landline/telephone?

For professional and personal reasons, I must have a cellular phone. In addition to the business use, it allows friends and family to track me down. Rarely home by the phone, people who want to speak with me must call me where I am. In addition, I use my cell for ALL long distance calls.

Thirty years ago, a landline telephone was a necessity. Now, I think it is optional. When I lived in a NYC apartment, I didn’t bother to have one hooked up and never missed it. In my Connecticut house, I have a landline; however, I am considering dropping it. My only concern is emergencies.


Lazy Man and Money said...

My concern with this is that I have to fight some kind of billing error, I'll use up 60 minutes on hold with a bank. It's worth it to me to pay the $15 a month for 500 minutes of Vonage.

Patrick said...

I haven't had a landline in 2 years. I don't miss it. Cable Internet is also faster. :)