Thursday, July 19, 2007

Gas Savings Strategies.

Gas Savings Tips
In the age of $3 gallons of gas, we should do what we can to reduce the cost of buying product. These are the simple steps I use to reduce cost:
1. Buy on Wednesday. Statistically it has the lowest prices.
2. Know where the “cheap” stores in your area are. In my case, we have a range of $3.08 to $3.25 available. In my area, the Citgo on the way to the gym has the best prices. The Shell station near my house has the worst prices.
3. Use a gas card from your favorite “cheap” store. I save 4% on all purchases at Citgo for a savings of $0.12 per gallon.
4. Assuming I buy 20 gallons per week, I will save $1,100 per year because of the Citgo card. By consistently buying at the $3.08 station instead of the $3.25 station, I will save $1,200.

The combined $2,300 per year will go a long way towards my budget. I wish I could say I drive a fuel efficient Civic/Hybrid, but I needed a mid-size SUV for other things. While it gets decent mileage, it doesn’t push the 30mpg the vehicle it replaced had.

We use my GF's Corolla whenever possible to save gas.

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