Sunday, September 9, 2007

Cell Phone Saving Strategies Idea

If other people have ideas, please feel free to comment.

Currently, my fiancé has cell service through Sprint and I have it through Verizon. Although we are generally happy with our service, I am always looking for ways to save some money without giving up service. Since we don’t have landlines, our cell plans are important.

Her Plan: Although she doesn’t get any discounts, all her calls to her mother and sister are free “in network” calls. For the most part, all her out of network calls are to me. She is free to choose another plan.

My Plan: My contract is up in April. My contract was obtained while at my former employer and is priced at a 15% discount. My new employer has a similar discount with ATT. Almost all my calls are to my family or my fiancé. Since my parent’s are baffled by cellular phones, they only answer their landlines.

Tentative Family Strategy; When my contract ends, we will set up a family plan with Sprint. With most of our calls “in network,” we should be able to sign up for a minimum number of minutes.

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