Sunday, December 16, 2007

Andy Rooney - "If I were rich..."

After watching my Cowboys fall to the Beagles, I accidently caught the end of 60 Minutes. As a result, I got to hear Andy Rooney go on and on about what he would do "If I was rich."

Andy - You are RICH!!! When you got suspended in 1987 without pay, it was reported you were making $7,700 per week. Assuming you managed to get a raise in the past 20 years, one would expect you are making $500,000 to $1,000,000 per year in salary. Having lived in NYC for 20+ years, we can assume you own a multi-million dollar co-op on the UWS or UES.

More importantly, you continue to make a great salary well into your 80's. While most 88 year olds are trying to make do on a fixed income, you are collecting a six or seven figure income.

By any standard, you are rich. Don't pretend you aren't.


Anonymous said...

Thank you! I was beside myself when I listened to that crap. for him to cry about not being rich was absolutely disgusting.

Anonymous said...

I kind of hoped I would find some commentary on Rooney's commentary here on the Net. I too, rarely listen to him. Maybe now I know why. I guess we know that nobody reviews his comments to see if they are appropriate for the masses of humanity out here. My Mother should have his money problems for just one month!!!

Anonymous said...

I just saw the commentary I almost barfed. He's a typical lying liberal. Relaying in a roundabout way that the USA is the cause of evil in the world. When it’s really him and his agenda that is causing the hopelessness and poverty. Or its George Bush’s fault. Its all about Me and not what’s good for the country.
Democrat and Republicans both stink. Status Quo. no change. America is stagnating. The majority of Children with no discipline and failing Socialist godless Schools are the next generation. God help us all. Once we go into decline the rest of the world will follow. What does Andy Rooney care he’ll be dead he’ll have had his.
I‘m one of the few that notice that everything on TV is totally Left wing and Socialist has our Media gone mad? Has Holly wood gone mad? Is everyone stupid? They think they can get stuff for free without paying for it? The media has turned into the most evil thing I ever saw. It’s like Mob rule.
Thank god for Fox but even they are too tippy toe liberal. My eyes are bleeding at the sight of the decline of the greatest Christian country that ever lived.
God save the queen. lol.