Friday, December 21, 2007

Money Laundering - Relationships and Men

While at lunch with some male coworkers, we got to talking about hiding money from our significant others. Much to my suprise, I wasn't the only one with a strategy for stashing cash the lady doesn't know about. Laughing at our strategies and rationales, we joked we were money launderers.

The Hows:
1. All of us our on budgets for "cash" taken ou to fund everyday spending.
2. In terms of the family, both partners knows he takes out $XYZ dollars per week/month.
3, Instead of spending all the money, all of us save money off the top for "other" uses.

Reasons for laundering:
1. My case - I am trying to have a $1,000 in cash in my firesafe for emergencies. To fund the cash emergency fund, I try to save $10-20 per week by cutting back on things. So far, I am up to $250. After I finish fund the stash, I plan to keep it up and use the savings for Christmas gifts each year.
2. One Guy - he likes having a little extra money to play with at the casino. To fund his fun, he cuts back on his weekly/monthly fun to save up for casino trips.

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