Sunday, December 16, 2007

Gambling Winnings - What to do?

Each year, I participate in a Fantasy Football league. For $100, I get to talk trash to my friends and have a great time following my team's successes and failures. Thanks to my monster brain (aka blind luck), I have done very well and most years I have ended up in the black.

This year, my team did very well and I made up my entry fee with weekly wins and the best record in the regular season. If I manage to make the SuperBowl (go A. Peterson and P. Manning) next week, I will end up with a $200-300 net gain.

In the past, I considered my entry fee as "gone" and any winnings "found money." As found money, I tended to blow it on fun stuff I wouldn't normally by myself.

This year, I am planning on "spending" my winnings on something responsible. I am thinking it could help with the huge oil heating bill I expect in January.

Peace and Merry Christmas to everyone.


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