Sunday, December 16, 2007

Saved over $100 on Parka!!

Instead of waiting for the post-Christmas season sales on winter coats, I went to LL Bean and Cabelas hoping to get a good deal on a coat. With a HUGE snowstorm coming and temps below 10 degrees coming, I decided to risk giving up a few dollars for comfort in frigid weather. As luck would have it, I managed to save over $100 on my expected budget.

My existing coat, which I liked, was available at LL Bean in the correct size. Unfortunately, the new models have this ugly fur on the winter hood and has down insulation. At $200, the price was right; however, I decided to check out Cabelas.

After considering coat options, I narrowed my choices down to a $200 GoreTex (I like GoreTex) with Down (I hate down) and a $189 model on sale for $159 without the GoreTex or the hated down insulation. After settling on the cheaper model, I got to checkout and found out it was actually on sale for $89.

Best of all, it worked like a charm digging out of the snow this morning.

PS - Cabelas has great customer service. When one of my jeans got damaged and I thought it was not my fault, they replaced them - no questions asked.

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