Monday, December 31, 2007

Holiday Spending Analysis

Well, I am back from the family vacation. Using a Quicken download, I added up the damage.
1. My fiance and I basically tripled the amount we normally spend on dining out - no suprise.
2. We dropped about $300 in unexpected clothing purchases. Although it might seem like a spending spree, we only purchased items we would need in the coming months for work. Furthermore, all of the items were purchased at huge, post-holiday sales.
3. Gifts - I stuck by my budget.
4. Splurge - I ended up with $400 in Fantasy Football winnings. Instead of saving it or using it to pay down debt as I intended, I purchased a new digital camera. Although I had a decent camera, it was huge and difficult to travel with. As a result, I always ended up without any camera. With the new camera, I got some great shots of my family over the holiday. Tomorrow, we are having "Christmas" with my fiance's family. Furthermore, I expect some good shots of tomorrow's "Chrsitmas" with my fiance's family. Finally, I have a honeymoon scheduled for August and my name will be Mudd if I screw up the photography. Great photos of the family and honeymoon - priceless.

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