Sunday, December 30, 2007

Too Many Accounts? Normal?

Checking and Savings: Nine Total
ING - Primary Checking and Saving Accounts
Local Bank - For ATM use, safe deposit box, and paper checks
Wells Fargo - Largely dormant accounts

Credit Cards: Eight Total
Amex Starwoods - Primary Card
2 Gas Cards
Citi AA - Airmiles (largely dormant)
Three Store Cards - discounts on clothes and home renovations
Business Card - Required by my job for business expenses

Investment Accounts: Four Total
Vanguard - Used for Vanguard Taxable Investments
Fidelity - IRA and Taxable Brokerage Accounts
Merrill - 401k (BTW - I don't recommend them)

Loans: Four Total

Thank God for Quicken, when I merge my books with my fiance's after the marraige, I am going to have even more accounts to manage.

For married couples, I would be interested in how many accounts are "normal."

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Anonymous said...

Recently married in December. My wife and I have following accts to manage:


ING Svgs
ING Electric Orange
Charles Schwab
Bank of America x 3 (Mad Money Acct; Bill Pay Acct; Money Market Acct)
Credit Union
Mutual Fund Accts (direct investment) x 2
Amex x 2 (Business and Personal)

My Wife:
ING Savings
Credit Union
Credit Cards x 2 (Amex and Citi)
Mutual Fund acct x 1

Grand Total = 20. I will consolidating some of the accts to reduce the number. 20 is too many to deal with in theory. However, we have everything on autopilot so it works for now