Sunday, January 13, 2008

Can a Gambling Man be a Frugal Man?

Each winter, a friend invites a bunch of the guys to his family’s summer house for a guy’s weekend. Touch football, drinking, cards, and the NFL Playoffs are the agenda for the week.

Because of a knee injury, I beg out of the football game, but I enjoy the card games. Since I don’t go to casinos (unless my company sends me), the annual gambling extravaganza is typically my gaming experience for the year.

How I manage risk, have fun, and keep loses to a minimum:
1. I take out $100 from the ATM on the way there.
2. I play with people who are not high rollers and don’t pressure people to take big risks;
3. We play poker tournaments. At most, you lose your buy-in. Because the games take a long time, it is difficult to lose big.
4. I avoid “three card molly.” Not much skill and a lot of risk.

This year’s results, I returned with $104 dollars.

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yeehaa99 said...

hmmm. but isnt gambling all about taking big risk and being frugal means minimal living....