Sunday, January 13, 2008

Tata - Ultimate Cheap Car? Not

For people who don’t live in the NYC metro area, a train car is a car used by commuter train users. Generally, a train car is used to get you to/from the commuter train (PATH, LIE, Metro North) and that is about it. A good train car is: cheap to own, cheap to operate, reasonably reliable, and something you don’t mind leaving unattended in the land of door dings, rain, and sun. l

At $2,500, the Tatas might seem like the right ticket for someone looking for a good train car; however, it is likely to suffer from a problem common to new car manufacturers in the US. Expensive and/or unavailable parts. In the early days of Kia, I know someone who damaged her car in a crash. She had to wait 30 days for Kia to ship a part from Korea for her 3 month old Sportage.

Sometimes you get what you pay for. Until they prove they can build a good dealer network and provide parts for vehicles in need of repair, I would look to other low cost options.

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