Thursday, January 10, 2008

My Fiance is Rich

My Fiancé is Rich

Just joking!! After things got serious with the goddess, we had “the discussion” about money and I determined her personal finances were out of control but not hopeless. First of all, she is a teacher with a steady income and outstanding job stability. Second, she didn’t have any expensive tastes she was unwilling to deal with. Frankly, her biggest problem was a lack of knowledge/interest/time in how to manage personal finances.

After discussing her situation, we implemented a tough, but manageable, plan to get things under control.

1. We consolidated he credit card balances from 6 cards to 2 cards. Although we couldn’t get a zero interest teaser rate, we found 2 low interest rates.
2. We implemented a budget and she stuck to it.

Today, she looked at her checking account statement and got a gorgeous smile on her face. “I cannot believe I have this much money in my account!!”

I love it when a plan comes together.

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