Friday, August 1, 2008

Charging the Wedding!!!

Having already put a large amount on my Citibank card to pay for the honeymoon, next week I have to pay for the wedding and the reception. Although I had enough money in savings to pay for all of it, paying it off seemed risky. Instead, I did a balance transfer to move the money from Citi to Discover. At a cost of $75, I get to use their money for 12 months free. For the reception, it is going directly on the Discover card and I get 5% back since it is a reception.

When we get back, my wife will be back to work (she is a teacher) and our cash flow will really pick up. While we cannot quite live on my income alone, it is close enough to bank a large portion of her paycheck. We should have enough cash in the bank to pay everything off by Christmas.


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