Monday, December 8, 2008

How are Enzyte Commercials Running?

If you have not seen the news, the guy running Enzyte was sentenced to jail for running a fraudulent business. Nevertheless, Smiling Bob and his idiotic Natural Male Enhancement ads continue to run. How is that possible?



STEVEN E. WARSHAK, age 42, president and owner of Berkeley, of five counts of conspiracy to commit money laundering and various types of fraud as well as conspiracy to obstruct proceedings before the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, 12 counts of mail fraud, three counts of bank fraud, and 73 counts of money laundering for a total of 93 counts.

Why? The company's scheme involved false advertising which included made-up claims about size increases, fake customer satisfaction ratings, and fictitious doctors who the ads falsely claimed collaborated for 13 years to develop Enzyte, the company's leading male enhancement product. The false ads also contained representations about money-back guarantees that the company as a matter of practice would not honor. As part of the scheme, the conspirators placed many consumers who responded to free-trial solicitations on an automatic shipment program without the customer's authorization, knowledge, or consent. Berkeley would then send the product to the consumer and bill the consumer's credit card regularly. When customers called to cancel, the conspirators employed various means to delay or hinder any returns or cancellations from occurring.

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