Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sirius - Dismal Customer Service

Once again, I had to deal with not one but two morons with respect to our Sirius Satellite Radio subscription. Simply put, their customer service staff seems trained to avoid answering what you ask. Furthermore, they tend to rush out sentences like "you want to buy …" when you have asked for the pricing.

My Problem: We have two receivers and I would consider adding the Best of XM to my subscription. Unfortunately, I was unable to get a straight answer from the CSR. Ultimately, I wanted two answers:

  1. How much will the renewal of our services be? Two receivers with Sirius only.
  2. How much will an annual subscription be if we add Best of XM?


For a company with no stock price, they do not seem to understand that adding customers should be easy for the customer.

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