Thursday, July 9, 2009

ING & Emigrant Direct – Service Review

Last week, I had a problem transferring money from my Emigrant Direct savings account to my ING Direct checking account. The money was to be used to pay my property taxes. Needless to say, I was anxious and expected to have to deal with idiotic customer service reps and mind numbing automated phone trees.

First, I called ING Direct. Without much effort, I was connected to a CSR who was fantastic. In addition to speaking English, he correctly diagnosed my problem ( You cannot "pull" a transfer from savings account to a checking account at another bank) and gave me advise for dealing with Emigrant Direct.

Second, I called Emigrant Direct. Again, I was able to reach a CSR quickly. She quickly and accurately helped me complete the transfer.

After the nightmare that was dealing with Wells Fargo (our mortgage), I was thinking of moving some of our accounts to a local savings bank. The fact both "internet" banks gave me hometown service makes thatless likely.

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